IKHLAS Critical Illness Secure Takaful Rider



IKHLAS Critical Illness Secure Takaful Rider
Your safety net against life’s uncertainties
What does this product provide?

Coverage for 36 types of critical illnesses


Takaful Certificate Maturity/surrender Benefit
- for ordinary plan only

Who is eligible to apply?

30 days - 60 years old

How to apply?

Through Takaful IKHLAS' Agents

Attachable Riders

This product is a rider hence can be attached to the following basic plan:

  • IKHLAS Premier Investment-Linked Takaful Plus (ILT)

  • IKHLAS Savings Prime Takaful (ordinary)

  • IKHLAS Wanita Elegance Takaful (ordinary)



No one likes to think about the possibility of suffering from a critical illness because we always assume it will not happen to us. IKHLAS Critical Illness Secure Takaful Rider provides protection and peace of mind for you and your family in the eventuality that you are diagnosed with a critical illness.

The Rider is created to provide protection against financial loss should you be affected by any of the critical illnesses as defined in the Takaful Certificate. This Rider plan can only be obtained when attached to a Basic Plan.