IKHLAS Basic Hospital Income Benefit Takaful



IKHLAS Basic Hospital Income Benefit Takaful
Reduce your financial burdens during hospitalisation
What does this product provide?

There are 2 benefits covered as follows:

  • Daily Hospital Income benefit
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Daily Income benefit



3 optional plans available to choose:

Plan APlan BPlan C
(a) Daily Hospital Income BenefitRM200 per dayRM100 per dayRM50 per day
(b) ICU Daily Income BenefitRM400 per dayRM200 per dayRM100 per day


Only 1 plan is allowed per Person Covered


Commission free product


Simplified underwriting
- only 7 questions on Lifestyle and Health

Who is eligible to apply?

Between age 17 to 55 years old

Age basis: age next birthday
How to apply?
Calculate your protection Gap

Calculate your protection here

For more information, please contact any of our branches to speak to our personnel.